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 I’ve been going crazy over the adult dating personals at an Australian a online sex guide called Adult Search ( The erotic stories and about swingers clubs in Brisbane and Melbourne swingers set my imagination on fire and turned me crazy for some gang-bang bdsm action. No wonder, I enjoy a rollicking and raunchy sex-life with my husband, Joseph.

It was just another day at the office – not quite… Joseph was at his dashing best, as he pointed to the soaring turnover graph, the vision of his stiff cock turning obtuse angle in erotic frenzy flashed into my imagination, setting ablaze my desire for having his shaft pumping inside my hungry pussy. Our all-girl team was lucky to have him as our boss. As Joseph revealed to the lascivious ladies the growing popularity of adultsearch, adult dating, brothels and swingers clubs, I realized how moist my pussy was getting with every passing second. I noticed Sarah’s pen remaining locked within his lips throughout the hour-long presentation. I felt myself lucky to have been feasting on Joseph’s penis for the past year-and-a-half. Sarah’s equally, if not even, sexier sister, Sharon was evidently melting with excitement. Sitting right in the firing line of Joseph’s colossal cock being fueled by his burgeoning balls, Sharon’s mammoth mammaries were heaving out in the desire of being ransacked.




Talking of swingers clubs and adult search, Joseph’s eyes alternately ogled between Sharon’s creamy cleavage and Sarah’s luscious lips. The swashbuckling Sarah pulled her chair back, faced Joseph point-blank and uncrossed her glistening legs. The scintillating Sharon pulled out her pullover that not only held her clean-shaven armpits in full view of Joseph, but also bounced her boobs for my husband to gaze at.

As the ladies geared up to present their assets to Joseph with the presentation drawing to a close, I decided to take charge. Going straight ahead, I unlocked Joseph’s trousers belt, pulled down his trousers and out sprang his cock. Presenting details of adult search, adult dating, adult dating personals, online dating and online sex, to go with in-depth analyses of brothels and swingers clubs had enraged our passion for getting rid of the sex fluids then and there.

Grabbing Joseph’s rock-hard shaft tightly within my lips, I licked it clean with my tongue in the desire to suck out every drop of his love-juice.

“Suck me hard, baby”, cried Joseph, engulfed in erotic ecstasy.

His eyes were spitting fire, as he stood tall pumping his cock deeper and deeper down into my throat.

Sarah and Sharon pulled down my suit and out popped my breasts. With Joseph’s cock still inside my mouth, Sarah started licking my left nipple gently, while Sharon engaged herself into pressing my right breast softly. Already mad in overwhelming erotic urge, a splurge of fluid flooded my pussy. Out to experience the pleasure of my life, I wanted to gratify the sultry sisters. My arms, so longer gripping Joseph’s legs, now turned their attention to fingering Sarah and Sharon. Straight from the online sex guide of, I knew the sluts will love it.

Groping under their skirts, I pulled their panties down their silky thighs. Titillating their smooth thighs, my fingers glided upwards right into their crotches. My double-fingered pussy-poking turned them wild. Growling like raging lionesses, their tongues lashed at Joseph’s balls.

I knew he had the Brisbane swingers and the Melbourne swingers in mind. Uncorking his dripping cock from my mouth, he grabbed Sharon’s bouncing boobs and flung her on to the table. As she lay supine, he buried his mouth into her crater-like navel. If my sucking his shaft was like eating an ice-cream cone, his pouncing on and in to her belly button, was like feasting on an ice-cream cup! No sooner Sharon’ navel turned red on account of fierce licking, than Joseph’s balls started thumping on just below her cleavage, with his cock stroking her nipples. He showered spits into her cleavage and the bdsm action led up to him pushing his cock down her grand canyon.

I was mesmerized to see Joseph getting wild with Sharon. I was struck back to reality with Sarah smooching me. I was awe-struck with the sheer passion going into her kiss.

Pushing me on to the table, she pulled my legs apart. The tantalizing touch of her lips running up my thighs opened my lower lips, as she headed towards my pink pussy. As she reached my cunt, her tongue flicked on to the clitoris. I shivered in excitement. I realized the presence of muscles the existence of which I was not aware of.

“Your rosebud tastes awesome”, she exclaimed in deep delight. Turning my head to the right in uncontrollable ecstasy, I found Joseph eating Sharon in 69 position. The unflinching suction inflicted on Joseph’s cock furiously pounding into Sharon’s mouth threw her into throes of lust. The non-stop lip-n’-tongue play soon got the better of Joseph’s thus-far exemplary endurance.

Seeing Joseph shoot jets after jets of cum into Sharon’s mouth, I got so excited that I could not stop myself from exploding into Sara’s mouth. Coupled with the sight of myself flooding Sarah’s face with vaginal fluid, was Joseph’s fierce assault on Sharon’s clit, that were just too much for the later. Sharon too gushed into Joseph’s mouth, only too eager for the reward!

Contrary to her apprehension, Sarah was not to be left high and dry. In came her sister-in-law, Andy.

“I’ve been watching for free your adult dating. No wonder, has created magic. And, it’s high time that I play my part as well”, announced Andy with a flourish of his trousers slipping down.

Pulling Joseph’s steel-stiff cock out of Sharon’s mouth, he licked dry his shaft. “This much for the starter”, he remarked.

“Sharon, my baby, you’ll soon find us in the swingers club!”, he said tucking her tits into her tattered bra.

Evidently, he was out to enjoy the spoils (and spills!) of our wild war. Lying supine on the floor, he pulled Sarah over himself and pushed his raging cock into her pussy. As Sharon pissed on her sister’s back, I started mopped it up with my tongue, of course, with Joseph locking his lips tightly on Andy’s.

© 2006 James and Lisa

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