My Wife and I went to a Swingers Party in Cairns
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Last month my wife and I had 3 weeks holiday in Cairns and Port Douglas. We stayed at the Casino in Masquerade party in CairnsCairns for 3 nights when we first arrived and then headed for Port Douglas. Because we had such a good time we both agreed that we should try to write down our experiences and publish them online. We contacted Adult Search and they suggested that we submit our Swingers Story at So here goes, we are by no means professional Adult Story Tellers nor are we writers but we’ll give it a go.

My wife is just 32 and I am 44. We travel often but had an especially good time in Cairns. We have never swung before but have visited our swingers club back home in Sydney several times as we both love to watch couples swinging as it really turns us on.

We had fantasized about going to a swingers party whilst in Cairns on holidays and for the first time talked about swapping partners. Lisa had even brought up the idea of being gang banged whilst on holidays. At first I did not know what to think of this idea? The thought of my beautiful wife being pounded by another man or men sent mixed thoughts and emotions. On one hand it was a bit of a turn on, thinking Lisa having sex with other guys.

To cut along story short both Lisa and I were very excited about going on holidays to Cairns. We arrived in Cairns in one piece and decided that we needed a quiet night, so we had few drinks and a pizza for dinner then had a spa and went to bed. (Very boring)

Forgot to mention that we are members of Adult Match Maker and Adult Match Maker is a Adult Dating and Personals Site. Adult Match Maker is Australia’s largest Adult Dating and Swingers site, and prior to leaving Sydney I made sure I changed our profile to let Cairns couples and Swingers Clubs know that we were going to Cairns and looking to party.

The day after arrival which was Saturday, we had breakfast and decided to laze around the pool to tan up a little. During the course of the morning we remembered to Check Adult Match Maker to see if anyone had contacted us. Much to our surprise, in just a few days, 7 couples contacted us and all 7 said that there was a Swingers Party this Saturday, tonight and asked if we’d like to go? Wow we thought, this is going to be great.

One couple Chris and Jan had sent their phone number so that we could call to find out more about the Swingers Party tonight. Nervously Lisa called because this is what organizers of Swingers parties like to confirm that you are a genuine couple. Lisa took the details and was told by Chris that they were expecting 20 or couples to come along. He also told us that tonight’s Swingers Party dress code was masquerade. We thought this was perfect but the only problem was, where would we find masks? So we called Chris back to ask him where we could buy masks. He suggested an Adult Shop in Cairns called Erotica. We bought our masks late that afternoon, both of us very excited by this stage but new that if we did not take a bit of a rest we would not make it through the night, so we decided that we would have a couple of drinks at the Cairns Casino and then take a couple of hours sleep in preparation for a long night at our first Cairns Swingers Party.

To be continued…

© 2006 James and Lisa

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