Jane and Terry contemplate swinging
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Jane and Terry contemplate swinging
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It had been a bright, warm summers day when Jane phoned to invite myself and my husband, Terry over for an evening barbecue. I knew that we had nothing planned, and readily accepted the invitation immediately. Jane and Derek were two of our best friends, and evening's with them were always interesting. They both had a free and easy approach to their private life, and invariably the conversation turned sexual in nature. Although both myself and Terry had often fantasised about our friends when we made love, neither of us had taken our thoughts any further. I had to admit, though, when I replaced the receiver, the thought of seeing Derek in a pair of shorts was making my pussy tingle and my nipples stand up and pay attention! I quickly informed Terry of my conversation with Jane, and he seemed pleased that we would be going out tonight. Bless him! Terry is a sweet man and, after ten years of marriage, I still love him dearly, but sometimes I think I might just know...a little more! The weather being so warm, I decided to change into a bikini and spend the rest of the day lounging around our pool and try to top up my tan. I stretched out on a sun bed with a good book and a cool drink and tried to relax. The problem was I was getting too hot! I'm not sure if it was the strength of the sun or the fact that I couldn't get the vision of Derek's lean, muscular body out of my mind, but within half an hour I could feel my nipples hard inside my bikini top and a damp patch beginning to form on the panties.

You will probably have guessed by now that I am a very sexual person. I always have been, but sometimes Terry, although very good in the sack, is not always as....adventurous as I would like! Still unable to stop my current train of thought, the cool water of the pool beckoned. I eased myself in slowly and swam my usual ten laps. I like to exercise every day. I have been told that my 5' 8" body is well toned and attractive and I'd like to keep it that way as long as possible! When the weather is hot, swimming is by far the best idea.

At 6.30pm, we grabbed a couple of bottles of wine and headed for Jane's place. It was still warm and I had only worn a shortish summer dress, panties and tennis shoes. I had tied back my long brown hair in a pony tail with a ribbon. I looked a little like a fifties cheer leader! I didn't usually leave the house without a bra, but I just loved the freedom that I felt without it, and besides my boobs aren't really that large. Terry had worn a pair of light Chino's's's with a short sleeve shirt and loafers. Jane greeted us both at the door with a kiss. She looked stunning as always. Her short blonde hair was still damp. As she was only wearing a bikini with a wrap around skirt covering her lower body, I assumed that she had just got out of the pool.

"Come through to the back," she said cheerfully. "Everyone's here!"

We set the bottles in the kitchen and walked out to the back garden. I now understood what she meant, it was not only us she had invited, there were about twelve other people here. Great, I though, a party! Whilst Jane took care of Terry, showing him around and chatting with the other guests, Derek approached me quickly with a smile and kissed me hello. I could smell his expensive aftershave when his face touched mine, it was almost intoxicating. I was delighted. He was wearing shorts! I could see his strong, tanned legs as they disappeared into the legs of the garment. His lips brushed mine in a greeting and I felt the tingling return to my body.

"Let me get you a drink." he breathed into my ear. Perhaps it was just me, but his greeting kiss seemed to be saying something more than just "hello".

The drink tasted sweet and strong. I had no idea what was in it, but as Derek had mixed it, I assumed that it contained a substantial amount of alcohol. Derek began walking me around the other guests. Most seemed a little older than Terry and myself and mainly male, but I met them all with a warm, friendly smile. Derek kept his arm around my slim waist and I was sure that every now and then I could feel him squeeze me slightly. Every time my glass was empty, it was immediately replaced as if from nowhere. As the evening wore on, I was aware that my head was becoming light. I can usually hold my drink, but the warm night air and the friendly, almost intimate atmosphere of the party were obviously having an effect on me.

At some stage throughout the evening the music must have been turned up because there were people dancing on the deck by the pool. Derek had never left my side, and was now pulling me by the hand towards the makeshift dance floor. I must have been quite drunk by now. As soon as we began to sway along to the music, I felt Derek pull me tightly towards him and let his hands rest on my butt. I could feel the unmistakable bulge of his excitement through his shorts as we danced and, feeling very naughty, I wriggled myself gently against him. I heard him sigh very quietly and tighten his hold on my buttocks, kneading my flesh seductively. A sudden realisation of what I was doing hit me and I pulled away slightly and looked around. Perhaps it was guilt, but I wanted to see where Terry was before I let this go any further. When I looked up, I became aware that Derek and I were the only ones dancing. Everyone else, including Terry and Jane, were just chatting and watching us. Terry seemed happy enough with his arm around our hostess' waist, so I closed my eyes and, with a sexy smile, folded myself back into Derek's strong, masculine body. If Terry and the other guests wanted to see a show, then we would give them a show!

As Derek circled me around the deck, the music seemed to go on for ever. My head was spinning now but I didn't care, I was too turned on. His hands were still groping my bottom and I could feel the hem of my light dress riding up with every squeeze. Soon, I could feel the cool night air playing around my upper thighs and realised with a little surprise that I had let Derek lift the hem right up to my panties. I should have been alarmed, but all I could feel was excitement as it became obvious that all the guests now had a clear view of my panties. I could never have believed how exciting exposing myself like this would be, my nipples were rock hard under my dress and I was sure that there would be a visible damp patch on the front of my underwear.

I had decided that the music must be on a continuous loop, because it was not stopping. Derek was now kissing my lips gently as he twirled me round slowly, treating his guests to a nice view of my panty covered behind. A part of me knew that I should be trying to put a stop to this, but my feelings of lust and excitement were too strong. I parted my lips and admitted his searching tongue as I let my hands roam up and down his strong back. Derek seemed to take this as an acceptance of his amorous advances and, keeping the skirt of my dress firmly bunched above my bottom with one hand, he began to slide the straps of the halter top off my shoulders with the other. The thoughts were racing through my head: was I going to let this gorgeous man undress me like this, in public? Was he going to expose my boobs for all to see?

My unvoiced questions were quickly answered as the straps fell from my shoulders and I felt the rough material of his shirt tease my solid nipples as he pressed back into me. Thankfully the lights outside were quite dim. The moonlight cast shadows over our audience who now had stopped chatting to each other and seemed intent on watching the display in front of them. I looked over towards my husband. Terry was smiling back at me in silent encouragement. His arm was still around Jane's tiny waist, but had now moved up slightly and I could just see his hand contract and relax as he gently massaged her left breast through her bikini.

Seeing Terry enjoying the ample charms of our hostess was all the reassurance that I needed. I was feeling so horny now, so turned on and excited, that I broke away from Derek for a moment and stepped back. He seemed disappointed, but as I smiled sexily at him and started to wriggle my dress down, his disenchantment was soon dispelled. Once the dress was at my waist, it fell easily to the floor, pooling around my tennis shoes. Standing there in just my shoes and white panties, I let everyone get a good look at my semi naked body. I felt wonderful. I was the centre of attention and from the cheers and whistles that I was receiving, it was obvious that they liked what they saw. Derek approached me again. The bulge in his shorts seemed to have grown and I guessed that the garment hid a penis of excellent proportions. Still slightly dizzy from the drink, Derek lifted me up easily in his arms and carried me over to a wooden table. I was laid gently on my back with my butt on the edge and my legs hanging over. I could feel the rough hewn wood on my sensitive skin, the contrast heightening my feelings of lust.

Derek stood back to admire my body. He smiled and I became aware that some of the single male guests had moved closer to the table in anticipation of watching a young woman getting fucked. They crowded around, trying to get a better view as Derek reached under my ass and, with a swift motion, pulled the last vestiges of my clothing from my body. I heard more cheers and applause as my naked vagina became exposed to their eyes. I always keep myself shaved down there and this did not go unnoticed.

"Wow! Look at that! Her pussy's completely smooth" I heard an unfamiliar voice cry.

And then another voice from the other side of the table: "Oh, yes. I love a shaved cunt!"

I was desperately horny now. My vagina was leaking fluid and the tingling had turned to out and out lust. I felt hands on my breasts, squeezing my hard nipples and twisting them almost painfully. And then it happened. From the corner of my eye, I watched Derek bend his head and lower himself between my thighs. His strong hands grasped my legs and pulled the widely apart, spreading me obscenely. My orgasm hit me as soon as I felt his hot tongue on my clitoris. My back arched and my hips bucked from the table as I trembled and shook through my climax. I had hardly enough time to come down, when I felt a long penis being pressed towards my face. I knew that it could not belong to Derek as he was still delightfully lapping at my flowing juices, cleaning them from my wet pussy and licking them from my inner thighs. I didn't care who the cock belonged to, I just wanted it in my mouth. Turning my head, I let the owner push his way passed my lips and into my throat. Terry was always saying that I have an excellent deep throat' technique, and within a few short minutes I was rewarded with a mouthful of delicious male seed.

My pussy lips were twitching uncontrollably now. I needed my hole filled and I needed it soon. I could see Derek removing his shorts, and as his cock came into view, I knew that I wouldn't have to wait long. As he moved between my outstretched legs, I realised that my earlier estimation of his endowment was not far wrong! He was huge, easily ten inches in length, and as he slowly entered me I was also impressed with the size of the girth. He started to slowly inch in and out of my wet vagina, but I wanted more. I wanted to be fucked hard, deep and rough. I screamed out to him.

"Fuck me hard, Derek. Faster, deeper, I want all you've got. Do it to me. Fill me with your hard cock!"

Derek quickly obliged ramming his tool deep inside me, pulling almost all the way out and hammering it into me again. My cries of passion were drowned out as another cock was forced into my open mouth. I sucked hard as Derek pummelled my pussy. I rolled my tongue around the wide head and let my throat contract around the shaft. As I started to hum slightly, the vibrations caused the cock to twitch wildly. This time, the owner of the meat quickly withdrew from my mouth and liberally sprayed my tits with cum. I was in heaven. My orgasm's coming so often as Derek fucked me, that they were almost continuous. With a lunge and a final thrust, Derek pulled his massive cock out of me. I watched his hand fly up and down the shaft as he ejaculated over my stomach, some of the jets so powerful they reached almost up to my already sticky boobs.

This seemed to be the cue for everyone else. The sight of my body covered in semen was obviously what they wanted as each man stepped forward and either masturbated over me or had me suck them until the shot their load's over my nakedness. This frenzy of cum lasted for about another hour, I think. To be honest, I lost track of time. When they were all finished, I had the slick, sticky residue of more than six men coating my breasts and stomach and sticking to my stiff, pink nipples. As they all stepped back, for a moment I thought it was all over. I was wrong. Terry and Jane stepped into my view. I had all but forgotten about them. They were both naked and looked flushed, but I could see from the state of Terry's erect penis that he was still in the mood for more. Without a word, I was unceremoniously flipped over onto my stomach. Jane stepped in front of me and, crouching to the most effective height, fed a long and extremely hard nipple directly into my mouth.

"We all saw how you suck cock," she said with a grin. "Now lets see how you do with my tits!"

Happy to oblige, I began licking and slurping on her tits as she dropped a hand to her mound and began to force her fingers in and out of her pussy, masturbating herself with lightening speed.

"I hope you enjoyed yourself tonight my little slut," I heard Terry say from behind me as he positioned himself between my spread legs. "It took Derek, Jane and myself a lot of organising!"

I could feel my husband's erection pressing urgently against my bottom. He knew that I enjoyed anal sex and I right now I wanted his cock in my ass so badly. As I felt the warm, burning sensation from my butt spread over my entire body, I mused on his words.. I loved him even more then, for setting the whole evening up just for me.

As I felt his cum rush into my ass and felt Jane convulse with her own orgasm, I knew he was right. I was, and still am, a total slut. There is nothing now that I won't do for my husband or our friends, I have become their sex slave and am totally addicted to sex of all kinds. After that night we all decided that I should give up my part time job so that I could be available for any of them at any time. I now seem to think about sex all the time. When I am not being taken by either Terry, Derek or Jane, I need to use one of the many vibrators or other toys that they have bought for me so as to satisfy my almost constant urges. We still have parties and I am always the star attraction, sometimes getting fucked by as many as twenty men and women in a single night. My life changed the night of that barbeque party, but it was definitely for the better!

The weather being so warm, I decided to change into a bikini and spend the rest of the day lounging around our pool and try to top up my tan. I stretched out on a sun bed with a good book and a cool drink and tried to relax. The problem was I was getting too hot! I'm not sure if it was the strength of the sun or the fact that I couldn't get the vision of Derek's lean, muscular body out of my mind, but within half an hour I could feel my nipples hard inside my bikini top and a damp patch beginning to form on the panties.

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