How to Create a Good Adult Dating Profile
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You are a busy, independent adult.  You are happy in your career, not looking to make any significant changes in your home life.  You want to find Mr. Right Now, not necessarily Mr. Right.  You want a discrete date from time to time; someone with whom you can share alternative sexual adventures.  You should consider using an adult search website.
This is exactly what drives millions of busy people to adult dating sites every month.  The first step to online adult dating is to find a networking site.  You need to find one geared to what you are actually looking for.  For example, don't go to a swinger's website if you are looking to be married within six months.  Conversely, if you really are looking for the occasional hook-up, hanging around a family-based site like Facebook isn't going to work, either.

Once you've determined what adult search site is best for your needs, you will create a profile.  This is a special page that tells prospective matches all about you, and what you are looking for, while keeping your true identity secure.  This really is your time to shine.  Just remember, the profile is very much akin to a job resume.  You would not submit a resume with spelling errors or one that is incomplete, so you should not introduce yourself to potential matches with an error-filled, incomplete profile.

Take a little time to browse the site, looking at a variety of profiles.  See how quickly you click the X on profiles that are mostly blank or that say ‘will fill in profile later'.  Full profiles get more attention, and are taken more seriously.  Many adult search users see an empty profile and assume it is just someone being nosy; someone not interested in meeting.

The first part of your adult dating profile will be your user name.  You should choose a name that describes how you wish to be perceived by other members of the site, but that keeps your true identity a secret.   You will be asked descriptive biographical information, such as height, weight, hair and eye colour and body type. Be truthful!  Be confident in who you are.  Don't add two inches or subtract 20 pounds.  The person/people you end up meeting will know right away that you aren't really 5'10, and this puts you at a disadvantage from the moment you meet.

The next part of the profile is really the most important part.  This is where you will state your likes, dislikes, what you are looking for, and what you are not looking for.  Be specific, and thorough.  The most important thing is to be forthcoming.  If someone reads your profile and decides to contact you, there won't be a second contact if you don't match your profile.

If you really are interested in a specific type of person, or specific sexual tastes, you need to be blunt about that.  If there are certain traits you would never be interested in, find a way to work that in, too.

The right profile on the right adult dating sites can change your sex life from ICK to OMYGOD.  Take your time, and do it right.
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