What Is A Brazilian Wax And Should I Get One?
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A Brazilian wax is a type of bikini wax where hair is removed from the pubic area except for one small area. A traditional Brazilian wax is where all hair is removed. Other definitions exist so once youíve decided what you want, make sure you make it clear to the salon.

The practice originated in Brazil where women first began wearing very revealing swimsuits such as thongs. And if thatís what you want to wear on the beach, you already have a good reason for getting this type of bikini wax. Another is avoiding the hassle and side effects of frequent shaving, such as razor-burn and itching. A Brazilian waxing will give you a smooth appearance for four to six weeks whereas shaving usually needs to be repeated every few days for a similar result.

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Reasons for not getting a Brazilian wax are pain and, if youíre a sensitive soul, embarrassment. Basically, youíll be naked from the waste down for 15 to 30 minutes in the company of someone youíve just met. Reports of pain levels vary. Some women say itís not that bad while others claim its agony. So I suppose it depends on your pain threshold. The pubic area is a very sensitive part of the body, so somewhere in between is probably about right. All women agree itís not comfortable. The up side is that the pain diminishes with every treatment as hair re-growth is weakened.

Another disadvantage of Brazilian waxing is your skin may react badly to the hot wax. Beyond that, the cons are the same as those associated with other methods of pubic hair removal. For example, as hair grows back, itching and ingrown hairs are common problems. Where any kind bikini wax beats shaving is in the fact that these symptoms should fall with each treatment.

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