Rebecca's fantasy become a reality
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Rebecca, my 26 year old wife of three years, recently confided to me while we were having sex, that she has secret fantasies of fucking a total stranger. Preferably a guy with a very big HARD cock. Rebecca's kind of gotten spoiled in the "big cock" department because I've got almost 9" between my legs and am one of, if not THE biggest cock she's ever ridden. She wants to try even larger. But, her fantasies of fucking a total stranger don't require that he be hung, that would just be an added bonus.

So, we decided to make Rebecca's fantasy become a reality and decided to Join Redhotpie. Redhotpie is one of Australia's most popular adult dating and swingers site 

Adult Match Finder
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amh-340x300.jpgAdult Match Finder is a "Adult Entertainment" and "Social Networking Community" for like-minded fun loving people of all age groups. from Australia, New Zealand and from all over the world.

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  • Private escorts, swingers clubs, adult dating, sex shops and more
  • Find like-minded people in your area that you can socialise and party with.
  • Fun Loving, Open Minded Singles and Couples Welcome. 

IMPORTANT: This site is for "Consenting, Fun Loving, Like minded 'Adults' Persons under the age of 18 are Strictly Prohibited!.

Cyber Sex Encounter
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SwissMiss: Oh Ok, have been fantasising all day, u know what that means right= WP?
Horny Mack: In which context?
SwissMiss: sexual mainly, but alot of other things thrown in too.
Horny Mack: No actually not= Wild Porn?
SwissMiss: No WP=wet pussy
Horny Mack: Oh yes, I could have figuHorny Mack that out
Horny Mack: Problems with that all day?
Horny Mack: What do you do about that?
SwissMiss: just within the last few hours more, but yes, off & on nearly all day
Horny Mack: Time to please yourself then I think
SwissMiss: i usually relieve my tension by ??????
Horny Mack: Waiting for someone to cyber you
SwissMiss: maybe, maybe not, actually I had an unexpected phone call earlier today, & its been driving me bananas
Horny Mack: Tell me about it
SwissMiss: do u wanna hear it?
Horny Mack: Yeah why not, make me crazy
SwissMiss: i dont wanna make u cum in your pants honey, so maybe its best not to hey?
Horny Mack: I'd better take off my pants then first
SwissMiss: ha ha, thats cool
Horny Mack: Must be a really hot story to make me come
SwissMiss: have u eva been a participant in a 3-way cum fest?
Horny Mack: Hmmm no, but it sounds good to me
SwissMiss: getting piledriven is what i call it,
Horny Mack: And you were the lucky one?
Wanna host a Nude party?
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Here's an idea for hosting parties with a difference!

I'd love to see a trend start with people having private nude parties and fun nights for photo taking.
I think it would be a great way for people who want to have fun, and show off for others as well as meet some fun new people.(maybe swingers might like to cum too!)

I'd love to hear from people in the 20's to 30's age group (other ages could also start groups for singles and couples (but i would like to think that singles could bring a friend (if no partner) of the opposite sex to keep numbers even (fair?) for everyone) no one would really enjoy it if it was all one sex!

Facials at the Spa
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When I go to the spa, I love the facial masks--seaweed, mud, creams, whatever makes my skin feel smooth. I also love a little cum facial after a long bout of sex, and there's no sexier feeling than warm sperm cooling on your skin as your body recovers from the flush of an orgasm.
My husband likes bukkake films, and even though at first I was somewhat grossed out by the images of hundreds of men coming on a woman's face, until every inch of her is drenched in goo, I have to admit that lately I've fantasized about precisely that. Of being surrounded by men stroking their hard cocks and each taking turns fucking my mouth and throat and then delivering their load onto my face. After awhile, my eyes will be pasted shut from all the sperm, and I won't even be able to see, just open my mouth and await the next cock head to part my lips and thrust down my throat. I lose count of how many men I service, and just enjoy being in the moment, fingering myself to orgasm after orgasm, or being fucked in my ass and cunt at the same time while countless men come on my face. Am I a pervert?

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